Twitter Blog Chats // Growing a blog audience

(Before this blog post starts I want to address what you're probably all thinking. Yes, I only have 62 followers but I'm going to start trying really hard to participate in more blog chats to grow my audience. So I guess this is a reminder for myself to take part in more chats and also a test to see if they really help grow your audience).

Most of us bloggers wonder how we can grow or audience or become successful as a blogger. It's a question I still ask myself but I think I may have finally found a way that works. I'm now introducing you to 'blog chats' that take place on the wonderful world of Twitter. I've read a lot of other peoples blog stories of how they became 'successful' and how they grew their blog audiences and a lot of them say how much Twitter blog chats have helped them. 

For those of you who don't know, Twitter blog chats is where under a hashtag you can chat to fellow bloggers and share your links and ask for advice etc. They're a lot of fun and I really need to find the time to take part in more. 

I recently discovered this website, called XOMISSE, where Elaine set up a page thats basically a calendar for blogger chats (find the page here). You can see what blog chats are taking place on Twitter, at what time and under what hashtag. I'd really recommend having a look at her website as she has amazing blog designs and really good tips on blogging.

I feel like if I take a little time out of each of my evenings that it will help more people discover my blog, maybe it will help yours?

If you start taking part in twitter blog chats, let me know how it goes for you by tweeting me on Twitter.

Amy ♡

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  1. Fab post sweetie! Twitter chats are a great community to take part in for new followers, tips and finding new blogs to read xox